SwiftUI: Build Amazing Apps, Fast & Easy

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  • Welcome to The Course!
    Welcome to The Course!5:59
    What You Will Learn in This Course? ( An Overview)6:57
    Quick Tips to Get Maximum Benefit From This Course4:15
  • Instagram Basics
    Instagram Overview4:55
    Instagram Facts You Must Know4:20
    Best Practices For Instagram3:13
    Is Instagram Worth Your Time & Efforts?4:28
  • Setting Up & Optimizing Your Instagram Account
    Types of Instagram Accounts11:21
    Create an Instagram Account4:19
    Converting Personal Account to Business Account3:41
    Tips for Choosing The Right Handle/ Username6:12
    6 Tips For a Perfect Profile Picture12:31
    Uploading The Profile Picture1:53
    Optimizing Bio With Right Keywords7:01
    Optimizing Your Instagram Account4:40
    How To Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio6:29
    How to Stay Safe on Instagram1:15
    Task 1: Set Up & Optimize Your Account1:17
  • Important First Steps
    3 Questions Before We Begin5:46
    Getting into Instagram Mindset3:31
    Following Your Competitors6:00
    Finding Accounts To Follow5:31
    Download Your Instagram Worksheet0:19
    How To Stay Updated With Latest Instagram Trends & Happenings?4:20
    Task 2: Finding & Following Accounts in Your Niche1:23
  • What to Post on Instagram: Choose Your Content Style
    Types of Instagram Content4:33
    What to Post on Personal Account?6:16
    8 Things You Should Post On Business Account9:44
    Re-posting Other People's Content3:55
    Instagram Live1:51
    Using Instagram Stories1:30
    Following Community Guidelines on Instagram1:07
    Task 3: Choose The Type of Content1:14
  • Learn To Create Engaging Posts
    Image Size & Best Practices For Instagram Success4:52
    Clicking Pictures2:45
    Tools To Find Free Images For Posts12:49
    Buying Images8:37
    Create Your Post in 5 minutes With a Free Tool15:33
    The Best Free App For Creating & Editing Posts21:37
    Design a Post With Me- in Less Than 5 Minutes!11:10
    Task 4: Create Post For Your Instagram Account1:32
  • Video Posts
    Best Practices For Video Post5:08
    Types of Videos on Instagram6:41
    Finding & Using Videos For Free8:16
    9 Free Video Editing Apps10:37
  • Posting
    Ingredients of a Perfect Caption4:05
    How to Include Call To Action For More Engagement?7:21
    Simple Tips to Write Attractive Captions7:00
    What Are Hashtags? + How To Choose Them?15:15
    Hashtag Strategy7:34
    Publishing Post on Instagram3:01
    Finding The Best Time To Post: Manually (Free Method)18:10
    Free & Paid Apps To Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram6:31
    Task 5: Publish Your Post!2:00
  • Making Instagram Marketing Easy
    Saving Draft in Instagram6:03
    How To Schedule Posts: Step by Step Tutorial9:52
    Best Scheduling Apps13:20
  • How to Create 1 Month Content in Advance to Post on Your Account?
    Why You Need an Instagram Content Plan?1:37
    Make a Content Calendar6:38
    Create 30 Days of Instagram Content4:50
    Task 6: Plan & Make Content For 1 Week or Month0:51
  • Instagram Stories
    Introduction to Instagram stories6:45
    Types of Instagram Stories4:08
    Instagram Stories Walk-through & Posting11:15
    Instagram Stories (Ads)3:31
    How to Re-use Old Posts Through Stories For Maximum Engagement3:45
    Muting Someone's Stories2:07
    Creating Your Account Name-tag2:23
    Keeping Instagram Stories For More Than 24 Hours (or Forever)2:48
    Checking & Analyzing Instagram Stories Analytics1:51
    Task 7: Create & Post Instagram Stories1:26
  • Mistakes To Avoid on Instagram
    5 Reasons Why Instagram Suspend or Remove User Accounts6:56
    What are Black Hat Techniques & Should You Use them8:31
    Black Hat Strategies To Get Quick Followers, Likes & Comments3:32
    Engagement Rate The Secret to Instagram Success14:25
    Short Term Success Or Long Term Legacy?3:36
  • Growing Account & Gaining Followers
    Growing on Instagram5:29
    Paid Methods to grow your Instagram account4:34
    Buying Shoutouts For Growth16:01
    Collaborating With Influencers Part 116:06
    Collaborating With Influencers Part 24:48
    Instagram Ads9:07
    Free Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account1:17
    Method 1: Engagement Groups5:17
    Method 2: Shout For Shout (S4S)7:45
    Method 3: Reposting7:37
    Method 4: Cross Promotion4:16
    Method 5: Consistent Posting - Instagram Routine For Maximum Success13:16
    Bonus Method: Giveaways & Contests10:29
  • Hacks, Tips & Tricks To Level Up Your Instagram Game
    Adding Solid Color & Semi Transparent Background in Stories4:36
    How to Create a Peek- Through Background in Instagram Stories3:27
    Creating Attractive Story Backgrounds Within Instagram App5:47
    How to Use Unique Fonts in Bio, Captions, Comments3:18
    Adding 3D Text on Instagram Stories3:29
    Inspecting Instagram Accounts Date of Joining, Location, Country1:57
  • How to Earn Money From Your Instagram Account
    5 Ways to Make Money on Instagram2:03
    Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing7:57
    Earning From Sponsorships7:02
    Promote & Sell Your Own Products11:50
    How to Earn Money By Promoting Other Instagram Accounts?15:44
    Account Flipping5:59
    Obvious But Uncommon Way of Making Money on Instagram3:35
  • Influencer Marketing: Earn Money With Instagram
    Introduction to Influencer Marketing3:43
    Myths & Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing - Busted!11:06
    Types of Influencer on Instagram7:18
    Platforms/ Websites That Will Help You Collaborate With Brands4:06
    3 Ways To Reach Out To Brands6:13
    Checklist for Writing Professional Email + 7 Key Points5:15
    Sample Email1:49
    Important Do's & Don'ts of Influencer Marketing6:51
  • Bonus: Instagram Marketing on Autopilot + Your Hashtags Ebooks
    Hiring Virtual Assistants Freelancers7:13
    Instagram Marketing on Autopilot17:21
    Download Your 1000 Power Hashtags eBook!1:23

Build Beautiful & Stylish Apps with Less Code Using Apple's New Declarative Framework, SwiftUI

Stephen DeStefano


Stephen DeStefano is an Apple developer who has been creating apps for 7 years. He has worked with top programmers in the field, and continuously stays current and grows with Apple as technology continues to evolve. His goal here is to create video instruction that makes it easy for students to work with Apple's new language, Swift, and incorporate that knowledge into creating, some pretty amazing apps.


SwiftUI is Apple's new declarative building framework that actually might forever change the way apps are made. Build interfaces as easy as dragging and dropping, using five times less code than before! With 114 lectures, this course will show you how to use the declarative programming along with the SwiftUI features. Learn all about text views, images, modifiers, navigation, integrating SwiftUi with UIKit, stacks, core data, and a lot more! Code along the course and get a head-start on the future of app-building.

  • Access 114 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand declarative programming
  • Know how SwiftUI works
  • Learn all about SwiftUI features & how to use them
  • Know how to code in Swift & build successful apps
Note: Software not included


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • A working knowledge of the Swift language is required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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